Case Results

  • Client failed to comply with the terms of his probation and a motion to revoke was filed. He was offered 5 years in prison based on the facts. Through presenting his case to the court I was able to avoid prison and have his probation re-instated.
  • A client needed her probation modified due to her family moving to a different county. The District Attorney's office was opposed to the modification due to her criminal record. I presented her case to the court and was able to convince the judge to allow the client to move with her family.
  • A client was arrested for DWI and Illegal possession of a firearm. This client had a Concealed Handgun Licenses that was in jeopardy due to the charges. I was able to get both the DWI and Illegal possession dismissed and his save his Concealed Handgun License.
  • A young client with his life ahead of him was charged with a DWI which would haunt him forever. I was able to get the evidence from the officer suppressed in a Suppression Hearing. The State was forced to dismiss the case, and it was later expunged from his record.
  • A client was involved in a car accident caused by another driver. The insurance only wanted to pay a minimal amount to my client. By presenting my client's case and the facts to the adjuster I was able to secure a settlement at the policy limits for him.
  • A client arrested for failure to pay child support. Despite being in behind on his payments, I was able to convince the court to release him on probation and set up payment plan for the amount owed.